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The Dreaded Flu Season

flulavalWe were not afraid of the flu when I was a kid. If you got it, you stayed in bed for a few days, felt terrible and ultimately healed from your own natural immune system. Pretty soon, you will be bombarded with signs in windows that say “get your flu shot here.” As always, I will not get a flu shot.

Last year in an attempt to be the Sherlock Holmes of healthcare, a friend of mine visited a few local drug stores and walk-in clinics. She told them she was considering getting a flu shot (huge lie) and asked to see the manufacturer’s insert from the vaccine they used to decide if she wanted one or not. Of the three clinics she visited, none of them had this information at hand and ready to share with an inquiring consumer. She also asked each location if they gave the flu shot to children, and at what age. Luckily none of them would administer a flu shot to a child…which is odd, because many doctors still recommend that children get a flu shot. She was told that they would only vaccinate adults because that is for whom the vaccine was intended. Hmmm…interesting.

I highly recommend asking for the vaccine information sheet if you are even remotely considering having these pharmaceuticals injected into or inhaled by you or your loved ones. You can get a lot of very important information from these forms, such as the full ingredient list, recommended uses, appropriate age for use, warnings and potential side effects.

It is not a coincidence that cold and flu season is from Halloween to New Year’s. During that time of year our sugar consumption skyrockets, exercise routines are abandoned until our New Year’s resolutions, expendable income is shifted from wellness services to extra presents under the tree, etc. We set our immune system up for failure and then scramble for a vaccine to save us. Health comes from the inside-out. Not outside-in such as in a vaccine or spray.

This year, join us in committing to keep our nervous system and immune system healthy the natural way. Your immune system can handle a cold or flu. Treat it well and trust it to keep you well.

Dr. Lee’s Anti-Flu Tips

  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments to boost your immune system through optimal nervous system health
  • Take Vitamin D, probiotics, Omega-3’s (fish oil) and a good, whole-food multivitamin each day
  • Exercise at least 3 days per week—even during the holidays
  • On Halloween eat one piece of candy, then throw the rest away
  • Keep a food journal so you can keep holiday eating in check
  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day to keep stress and anxiety down
  • Spend quiet time reflecting on everything you are grateful for, including optimal health 
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